We use a program called SUMS for some of our math and science lessons.  SUMS is an acronym for Student Understanding Math and Science. I modeled the first SUMS game Collect 20 for students this week.  Collect 20 helps them identify the number dots on a dot cube (dice), practice one to one correspondence, and the importance of checking their work.  Socially they have to learn to take turns and problem solve when one student wants to go first and when they want a certain color counter.  The students have worked so well together and I just love to see their little brains at work in the classroomIMAG1053IMAG1052IMAG1048IMAG1044IMAG1043IMAG1040IMAG1038IMAG1037IMAG1047 

Let me know if this is a game you would like to use at home with your child and I can get it together for you!

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