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My husband’s business has had him on the computer a lot more lately which means I have gotten behind on posting about your sweet darlings.  I have some catching up to do.  I hope to get a post in each day this week to catch us up!

The Daily 5 is going great in our classroom.  The children have learned how to Listen to Reading, Read to Self, and Read to Someone.  We have been focusing mainly on Read to Self. We are trying to build our stamina to 20 minutes!  


In science we had been covering properties.  Such as color, shape, size, texture, and whether something sinks or floats. We sorted shapes by color and size and texture.  We also used our feet to measure the size of objects in our classroom.  The students recorded their information in a t-chart in their science journals.  After they came up to the ELMO and showed their data they collected. 

P1010783  P1010784


In math they have learned about 10 frames and part part whole charts.  The students first learned how to start with a whole and move up some to the part and then the extra to the other part.  In the chapter we are in now they are joining or adding the two parts to make a whole. They are doing a great job and love working with the manipulatives.



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