What a Reader!

I found this video on my phone and I couldn’t let it not be posted.  The student brought in this book and wanted to read it to his classmates.  Do you see how into it they are?  We have such great readers in our class!


The 100th Day


We started our hundredth day by visualizing what we would look like if we were 100 years old.  The students then drew pictures of themselves.  Student used walkers, canes, facial hair, white/grey hair, glasses, and many other ways to illustrate their old age.  They had fun showing me and their classmates.  Then we got out of our seat and moved by doing 100 exercises.

  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 jumps
  • 10 toe touches
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 shoulder shrugs
  • 10 windmills (Coach Griffith got them into this)
  • 10 jumps on 1 leg
  • 10 stretches
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 10 wiggles to the ground

Then we worked on writing 100 words we knew.  We only got to 51 because it was a long activity.  The students loved calling out words they knew and writing them on their papers. 

We then sat on the circle rug for 100 seconds of silence.  It sound strange to be that silent with all my little ones in front of me but they did it.  1 minutes and 40 seconds of silence.  We then read “100th Day Worries”  It was about a little girl who had to collect 100 things at home for homework.  They students made many connections to her dilemma from having to do it for their homework as well.  After the story the students filled out a 100 charts and colored in the "tens .“

At this point the student were complaining from how hard I was making them work and since I didn’t want them to say we had no fun on the hundredth day.  I had the students group up and do 100 piece puzzles.  They were so excited.  


We then went to lunch and left the puzzles to finish up when we got back.  While the student were finishing up their puzzle they student came up and put together their hundredth day trail mix.  They thought the counter filled with goodies was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. 


Once they finished up their puzzles we took a break to munch on our 100th day trail mix.  When they got our our 100 items we brought from home.  Students used mats, their table, and some the floor to divide their items into groups of 10.  After they had to go back and check their work they were glad we could count by 10’s and 100’s in stead of by 1’s.


We then began working on our chain links for 50 things we have learned this year.  We are going to link our 50 with Mrs. Inman’s classes 50 to make 100 things.  The students shared many things they learned such as: addition, how to read to self, air, subtracting, reading, matter and many more. 

We had a fantastic day of fun and learning.  Thanks to all families that helped your child find 100 things at home.  I also appreciate all who sent in food for our 100th day trail mix!


Balance and Motion- TOPS

Student began exploring with balance and motion last week.  We got our third SUMS kit.  Students were excited to explore and try out different numbers of disks.  They used their science journals to record different combinations they used and how well it stayed balanced and in motion. 



Monday Update…Feb. 7th

· Mrs. Inman and Mrs. Whitehurst’s will be teaching the 3 letter blends/clusters. The three letter blends are: spl, str, scr, squ. When practicing words at home, have your child say the word and then tap it out before they write it.

· Read your passage for 1 minute each night!

· Student’s robots were due today. Please send them in tomorrow if you didn’t do so today.

· SAC/PTO meetings Tuesday February 8th at 6:00/7:00

· Relay for Life dollar days are backWear your PJ’s this FRIDAY for $1.00!!!!!!!!!

· New Scholastic book orders will come home this week. Look for the book your child circled and is wishing for.

· Our class is celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday after the dance. We will be having a small celebration to pass out our valentine’s. Last week I sent home a half sheet with all our student’s names on it. If that was misplaced just let me know and I can send another one home.

· PBS Valentine’s Day Dance Friday 12:00-12:40– 7 Bear Bucks and students can buy snacks and a drink for 3 Bear Bucks

· This is for your use at home and does not need to be turned in. We have had parents ask us to provide a writing prompt idea for them to use with their children each week. Here is this week’s prompt: Write a story about a king or queen who lost something valuable like their crown on a sandy island.

· Send in BOX TOPS please!

· $1.00 Pickle Fridays

A little teaser…




Health Education



At least once a month Mrs. Katie as the students know her, comes into the class during our 30 minute science block.  During this time she teaches them about the food pyramid and the different food groups, the importance of exercise and eating healthy.  The kids love her because at the end of her educational lesson she usually has a health treat for them.   Last time she came she reviewed the pyramid and had them fill out their own pyramid to see what she may need to reteach.