1. Love Amazon gift cards- got 6 books for 12 dollars! Can't wait to use them in the classroom!
2. Nachos and cheese while learning about fast land changes the day for spring break was a fun half day activity.
3. Going to student birthday party's are the best! Love seeing my kiddos out of school.


Oldies but Goodies

The 120th day of school was such a fun day! We had old people meandering around the classroom counting to 120 by 10 and 5's. We made trail mix with 12 treats and student has to count out ten of each item. They loved this and enjoyed dancing while the students made it. We walked 120 steps, we jumped 120 times (my legs felt it on Saturday), and we laid and watched the clouds for 120 seconds. This was the hardest task of the day for some! Haha! We had a fun day to celebrate making it this far into 1st grade!


Double digit addition

The last two weeks we have been getting into double digit addition! We started adding using just our tens. Some examples 10+20=30, 70+30=100. Now we have gotten into adding using our tens and ones with no regrouping. The students love using the plates and their manipulative to add. Some examples 12+54=66, 73+25=98. After spring break we will be introducing other strategies to add two digit numbers such as make 10 to add, use a 100 chart, ten more the less.


We had a short mini lesson on money today. We talk about it weekly but had not official made an anchor chart. Today the students helped me identify each coin and how much it was worth for our chart. The student in pods sorted the coins. They were to state the name of the coin and its worth. after the groups were done we played an extension game. I asked them questions like these...what two coins could I grab that would give me ten cents? 2 nickels because 5 +5=10, etc. They enjoyed it and I look forward to more fun mini math lessons.