Plan, Write, Peer Edit, and Publish

Students had their first chance to peer edit today and I thought they did a remarkable job. The last 4 weeks I have been conferencing one on one to show them how to have those important editing conversations. Today they were paired up with a colored pencil. They read their paper while the other partner circled things that needed to be edited and stated why. Then they switched jobs. Most everyone was ready to work together and we only had one group that needed guidance. They are now on to publishing. I can't wait to read their opinions on the best book they are reading currently.


Bye Flat Stanley

Shipped 13 today now the wait begins for them to return!!! I can't wait :)


Soccer and T-Ball

Hit up the ball field last week and got I watch some soccer and then that student and I watched another in her t ball game! Fun times!!!

Zoo Books

Students have been working in there zoo books but is a slow process and truly could be middle of May before they are done. They have LOVED being authors!

Place Value is Tough

Place value has been tough for some of the kiddos. But it was vital to understand before they began putting numbers in order from least to greatest and greatest to least. We used the ten rods and ones to make the number then we wrote it out --- tens and ---- ones, and then expanded form.

34's expanded form looks like this 30+4.

Next up is 2 digit addition where place value plays a role as well.


Sweet faces eating an Easter treat!

I love these faces!!! I savor these moments when they get to be the awesome kiddos they are!

Book it and a BME

We finished up Book It for the year! Check out all the stars for students who met their goals each month! we read a whopping 359 books!!! How cool is that :)

We also had a student share their BME graphic organizer from our read to self and journal time! BME meanings beginning, middle, end which we use for fiction texts. The students enjoyed listening I her share her learning.


Wants and Needs

We are learning about wants and need before we cover goods and services. Here are our concept maps we made and the we watched Annie and Moby talk about wants and needs.


Sometimes you just have to Dance!

After reviewing our rules this AM we just needed to laugh, giggle and have a few moments of fun.  We decided a 5 minute dance party was needed!  Hope you are enjoying your Monday!  We surely are here :)