Nonfiction Concept Maps

We began main idea and detail using concept maps. The main idea was in the middle box and the details were all around it. We began this unit by reading a fiction book and and a nonfiction book on the same topic. We had discussion about the type of text it is. We decided that we can't used a beginning, middle, and end graphic organizer for a nonfiction book because the author didn't write the book with a BME...they used facts and photographs. We made many concept maps in whole group, then they worked in groups of 5, then in pairs, and now they can pick up a nonfiction book and create a map independently. Here are pictures of them working in pairs while buddy reading their nonfiction texts. After break we will be comparing and contrasting nonfiction text on the same topics.


Baseball and Caterpillars

Hit up the WYAA on Tuesday night to see past and present students play a little ball! It is also caterpillar season at school. I surely hope that they are gone after we get back from break!


Snow Cones for 20 Charms

Yum yum and colorful tongues!



We just finished our unit on measurement. We have measured with nonstandard units such as cubes, 1 inch tiles, baby feet and basketball feet. They had the best time measuring the fish to see if they were keepers! We also put ourselves in order tall, taller, tallest-short, shorter, shortest and then illustrated it. Now we are moving on to place value! We used beans and bean sticks to explore the concept this week.

We are Crazy about Worms in Science

We checked out worms and how they adapt to obstacles in their habitat.

Dancing, Munching, and Sweets!

We danced away on Valentine’s Day!  We also enjoyed a delicious pizza party provided by a parent!  The students made sweet valentine shirts with a parents help and we trade valentine’s!