Happy New Year 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful break with your families.  Mine was filled with family, time relaxing and reading a bunch!! Happy 2012!

We jumped right back in to the swing of things Wednesday.  We hit our classroom expectations hard each day.  We went around the circle Wednesday and each student had to offer a way to move their stars up!  It was cute to hear all their suggestions! We reviewed what we had learned about subtraction before break and picked up with vertical subtraction.  We decided to not use the work book and enjoy using our little white board and the number on our name tags. 


We didn’t get our last chapter in science finished before the break so we did some review of stars and the sun before moving into telescopes and talking about the moon.  We didn’t have a telescope so the next nest thing was magnifying glasses.  They use them to enlarge letters, words, and then a picture of the moon to see its craters. IMG_0090IMG_0088IMG_0087IMG_0086IMG_0085IMG_0083IMG_0082IMG_0081IMG_0079IMG_0078

They recorded what they observed and how it looked to them with the magnifying glass.  After they illustrated the moon and labeled a crater since we are heading into non fiction text features this month! IMG_0092IMG_0091

What’s a week back with out a great time catching up with their friends at recess!!IMG_0077IMG_0076

We also review just right boos and read to self.  The student all got to pick new books from the library on Friday!


On Friday we were in for a surprise!  A students dad brought in a real telescope so the students could attempt to see how it works.  It was too light even with the lights off in the hall way to see anything but it was sure a thrill for them!  I have the best parents!!!

School Year 2011-2012


Winter Wonderland 2011

Day 1 We made a penguin ornament, decorated a tree which they had to put together shortest to longest, made their Rudolf the reindeer craft bags, and ate a decorated sugar cookie!  I am so thankful for these children and their amazing family who helped make this day a success!



Mrs. Rita did our read aloud which the students enjoyed! P1030350

Day 2 I was not at school.  I am so grateful I was able to be at the hospital for the birth of my new niece.  The kiddos had a great day Ms. Toledo as their sub!

Day 3 We made a snowman ornament and an elf in honor of Frosty!  Then we snuggled up for the Polar express and some hot cocoa and rice crispy treats! This is my favorite day it is just so magical in the room with all the children in their jammies and wide eyed as they watch The Polar Express!