A Lot of Everything

The student still love to utilize the compare and contrast venns and are now using them in their math data!


We have had the best time learning about the sun and stars.  They wrote facts about the sun.  We went back and read them and crossed out the opinions. 


The students observations about the night sky turned out so neat.  They enjoyed reading about what other students saw and how the sky looks different depending on where you were and what the weather was like.


Here is our KWL about Sun and Stars!  They learned so much!


During our thanksgiving centers the students made Indian writing on cow hide (publix paper bags).  They had so much fun writing with pictures!


They made pilgrims and wrote how they were alike or different than pilgrims. P1030291

Each student got a baggie of bens which they had to sort and glue on their traced hand.  Then they write who would carve their turkey that Thanksgiving.


We got a won a chalk and snack party when we rolled the dice for the 2nd time this year.  We are now 7 charms from our third roll.  They had a blast tracing each other, playing tic tac toe sight words and making venn diagrams (all their ideas)!


I sure you heard about Frosty our Elf on the shelf that came to watch over us until Christmas.  Here are a few photos of Frosty in action in our room.  I hope you enjoyed reading about their adventures with him over break! P1030326P1030325P1030330P1030336P1030335P1030333

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