More lost pictures…Turkey Centers


We made butter with Mrs. Inman’s class.  They had a blast!  They then got to put their butter on some bread and try it out. 


We went around the school and collect various leaves in shapes, color, and size.  We sorted them and then created leaf rubbings. 



More Lost Pictures…Worms

We get red worms and earth worms with our Animals 2 x 2 SUMS kit.  The kids loved them.  they learned that worm don’t have ears or eyes.  Their nervous system help them feel their way around.  The children also learned what they needed to survive and how it was different than what the fish and rolly pollies need to survive. 



Family Learning Night

Next Thursday, January 20th at 6pm

Here are the sessions that first grade is offering…

  • Homework help
  • Math Support for new standards
  • Phonics Skills and Reading Fluency
  • Writing
  • SUMS (Students Understanding Math and Science)

You go to 2 sessions that are 20 minutes long while your potty trained children/first grade students watch a movie in the library.  At 7 you pick up the children for  pizza and dessert in the cafeteria.  

Turn in your RSVP by Friday sheet that went home today!  Mrs. Inman and I hope to see you there :)


More lost pictures- A feast and some hay

Before Thanksgiving we had our school thanksgiving feast followed by desserts the families brought in.  Looking at that picture makes my stomach growl.  The students enjoyed many of the delicious desserts! After my  husband, Mr. Adam took the children on a hay ride around the WHS football field.  This is the 2nd year I have convinced him to do this.  But when you see the children’s smiling face you know why I beg him to drive the tractor all the way from the farm to school. 




Monday Update…January 10th

· Both reading classes will move on to l-blends this week. The l blends are bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl. Use the phonic sequence for words with the l blends in them.

· Read your passage for 1 minute each night! We have seen how this is helping your child have reading stamina on FAIR testing and on our monthly OPM’s!

· Tuesday, January 11th SAC 6:00 and PTO 7:00

· HALF DAYS 12:10 -Wed (1/12), Thurs (1/13), and Fri(1/14)

· Friday is the last day of the 9 weeks.

· MONDAY and TUESDAY of next week there is NO SCHOOL!

· Scholastic Book orders due Friday, January 21st!!!!



Some lost pictures….SUMS

We love finishing up our math lessons earlier because the students can play SUMS math games.  We have “double compare” were they have number cards which they add or subtract, then compare with their partners to see who has the higher number. They love “5 in a row” where they roll 2 dot cubes and add or subtract and cover their number on their “bingo” board. Another favorite is “roll and record” where they roll 2 dot cubes and record their answers on a graph until they fill up one number to the top of the graph.  The students then compare/discuss their data.  



Let me know if you would like copies of these pages for your use at home with your children.  A deck of cards can be used for double compare just remove the face cards Smile.