Some lost pictures….SUMS

We love finishing up our math lessons earlier because the students can play SUMS math games.  We have “double compare” were they have number cards which they add or subtract, then compare with their partners to see who has the higher number. They love “5 in a row” where they roll 2 dot cubes and add or subtract and cover their number on their “bingo” board. Another favorite is “roll and record” where they roll 2 dot cubes and record their answers on a graph until they fill up one number to the top of the graph.  The students then compare/discuss their data.  



Let me know if you would like copies of these pages for your use at home with your children.  A deck of cards can be used for double compare just remove the face cards Smile.


  1. go figure that nolan and coye somehow found each other out of all those kids! HA! Sounds like fun!

  2. Thank You Lauren For Taking The Time To Share All The Fun With Us. Love All The Ornaments And Crafts, They Will Bring Smiles And Memories For All The Years To Come.