Winter Wonderland

We had a blast at our winter wonderland!   Thanks to all those mom’s that came and helped out!  You made all of this possible!

Day 1 Wednesday

We made our reindeer bags, a penguin ornament, a snowflake button ornament, a silver bell, a holiday character ornament, and bagged up some reindeer food.  They had a great time and were so well behaved.  Things could have been a little hairy with 36 student in one room but I was so proud of their self control.  I never once had to talk to the coloring center that was all independent on the circle time rug. 

20109 20108

Day 2 Thursday

We made a gingerbread ornament, a holiday character ornament, a Santa mouse ornament, decorated a Christmas tree and a sugar cookie.  They went hog-wild at the cookie center.  We gave them free reign.  The only rule was they could only put their knife into the frosting tub once.  We told them to make the dip a good one! 


Today we watched and read The Polar Express. After students passed out the goodies that some students brought in.  They enjoyed opening them up and sharing with their friends.  They enjoyed the jingle bells and danced around the room in delight. 201011

I will miss my crew, but will enjoy this time with my family as I know you will with your families!  See you in the new year!  Merry Christmas! 

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  1. I loved looking at the pictures from Winter Wonderland. What a great time! Not to mention the great homemade ornaments that decorated our tree!