UF Fisheries

Can I just say I love this field trip.  The students get so much out of it and it came just  when we got our Animals 2 X 2 kit, which was great.  We headed out on that cool Wednesday morning ready to learn and of course do some fishing. 

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The first fish we learned about is the long nosed gar!  One of my sweet little ones cried in fear and gave all the chaperone’s a chuckle.  A memory I will likely not forget.  The students loved to learn about this fish and how it used its body to look like a stick when it was looking for food. 


We learned about the large mouth bass and check out his pink gills!  Pink gills means a health fish, white gills means a dead fish.  One thing interesting that we learned was that fish can live a short time out of water as long as they have water drops on their gills.


We learned about cat fish and how their whiskers don’t sting you like most people think.  They use them for feeling around.  They do however have shard barbs in their fins that can be harmful.  The top left picture is of a sucker fish who was let out into the wild.  Mrs. Sharon’s plea to use was to not release fish into the wild because they can be harmful to our natural Florida habitat.  Do you just love these little ones expressions of shock and curiosity.  Once done with the big fish we headed over to the small wading pools, where the students got to use nets to find small fish and bugs. 


The students loved this and some even got their feet a little damp.  They found minnows, tadpoles, snails, water boatman’s, water scorpions, dragon fly babies, and probably more than I can remember right now. 


After that we ate lunch on the dock and enjoy the warm weather, visited and discussed all the things we had learned earlier.


Then it was fishing time and man did we have some skilled fisherman!  The students received a cane poll and a baggie of old hot dogs to fish with and almost all the children caught one.  Some students got bigger ones, some got small ones but fun was had by all!


After looking at these next few pictures I think you can say we had a great time! 


Thanks to all the chaperones that came and experienced this day with us and helped.  You were so appreciated!

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