I love a walking field trip!  The Williston community is so wonderful to open their doors to the JBES students.  On Tuesday we headed out to the Williston Fire Department!

pics 3 233pics 3 234 

The firefighters are so great with the children.  They wanted the students to understand what firefighters look like and will sound like if they were to have one saving them in a house fire.  The guy was such a great sport, putting all his gear on and then letting the child come up and check him out! 

2010-10-27 pics 3

pics 3 251

They also showed the children the thermal camera they use to see through smoke and find people in a fire.  He placed his hand on the door and you can see it the camera!

pics 3 262pics 3 264

The student then got the info on the water truck that holds 1,000 gallons of water and it can pump a huge amount when hooked up to a fire hydrant.  The students were able to walk thru the truck and check it all out!

pics 3 266pics 3 272  Then the real fun began!  They let each of the children come and run the water hose.  There little faces are priceless!

2010-10-27 pics 31

Then it really got interesting. Mrs. Inman and I were asked to put on the firefighter gear so that they could spray us!  I said what?  It was something I will never forget and neither will the children.

pics 3 366  

pics 3 370

Waiting patiently..unsure of what to expect!

pics 3 371

See your targets boys and girls!  HA!

pics 3 374

What a fun day!  The one thing I hope the students learned from this day was to talk to you about an emergency plan if there was a fire at your home.  I told the students they were THE MOST IMPORTANT thing ever and needed to have a plan to be safe!



Math Calendar


Each day we gather at our Everything Math wall to discuss our daily data, the date, weather, money and all things numbers.  We are hoping to soon use the smart board more for math calendar, but my laptop is on the fritz.  I got to snap a picture while our UF intern Ms. Jennie engaged them during Monday’s math calendar time! 


October and November Newsletter

October and November Newsletter

Oct. 18-21

Oct. 25-29

Nov. 1-5

Nov. 8-12

Sight Words

Sight Words

Sight Words

Sight Words


1st 9 weeks sight words

1. help

2. ride

3. work




1. keep

2. away

3. ran

4. can’t

5. on

6. this

7. if

8. Monday

1. good

2. have

3. read

4. any

5. did

6. or

7. too

8. Tuesday

Phonics Skill

Phonics Skills

Phonics Skill

Phonics Skill

Refer to Monday Update

Refer to Monday Update

Refer to Monday Update

Refer to Monday Update

Story Words

Story Words

Story Words

Story Words

1. into

2. live

3. many


1. want

2. put

3. show

4. under

5. three

6. make

1. today

2. way

3. school

4. late

Review story words thus far

Math Lessons

Introducing subtract 0 and all, vertical subtraction, problem solving strategy (draw a diagram).

Math Lessons

Introduce comparing groups, subtracting from 4, 5, 6

Math Lessons

Introduce subtracting from 6, 7, 8 and 9, exploring related addition and subtraction problems

Math Lessons

Continue subtraction strategies and review for chapter test.

Science and

Social Studies

· Bats and Spiders

· Identifying others feelings

Science and

Social Studies

· Pumpkins

· Looking for more clues in feelings

Science and

Social Studies

· Leaves and Scarecrows

· Identifying our feelings

Science and

Social Studies

· Leaves and Scarecrows

· Community Feelings

News and Updates


· No School October 22nd (Teacher Work Day) and November 11th (Veteran’s Day)

· SAC (6:00) and PTO (7:00) meetings Tuesday, November 9th

· Check out Calendar for PBS events!

· Always wear tennis shoes on Monday and Friday for PE!

Monday Update...October 18th

· Conferences are this week. Look for your reminder in your child’s HOME folder. Please call or email me at if you are not able to attend. Thank you!

· New Newsletter this week! (Going to try and add it to the website)

· Mrs. Whitehurst’s reading group is staying on Double s,f,l,z. Mrs. Inman’s reading group is moving on to the digraphs th and ch. Use the phonics packet that was added to your child’s HOME folder. There are words and sentences you can use to help your child practice reading and spelling these phonics skills.

· No School on Friday!

· PTO’s YANKEE CANDLE Orders were due Friday. Please send them in tomorrow if you forgot!

· Walking Field Trip to the Fire Department Tues., October 26th...Please turn in the red permission form that was sent home last week by this Thursday, October 21st.

· The Fisheries Field Trip form and the $5.75 is due Tuesday, October 27th. Chaperones are free.

· Friday, October 29th is BOOK CHARACTER DRESS UP DAY! Please return the sheet where you had to fill out the book and the character you are dressing up as by Wednesday October 27th for approval.

· We are collecting toilet paper rolls and washed out Dole or Del Monte fruit cups for holiday crafts. Please send them in until we have enough!

· $1.00 Pickle Fridays



PBS Ring Pops

ring pops

There is nothing cuter than these multi colored tongues!


Monday Update…October 11th

· We are staying on Double s,f,l,z. Look for a phonics packet that was added to your child’s HOME folder. There are words and sentences you can use to help your child practice reading and spelling these phonics skills.

· The papers in the plastic sleeves are not to be taken out or removed. The last plastic sleeve is the only sleeve things can be taken in and out of.

· Scholastic Book orders and PTO’s YANKEE CANDLE Orders are due this Friday, October 15th. Yankee Candles make great Christmas gifts!

· The school board did not find it cost effective to copy the paper books I send home! I plan on trying to copy one story but not both for each week. I will be working on that this week.

· SAC (6:00) and PTO (7:00) meeting this Tuesday. Please come because the class with the most parent attendance at PTO gets a special prize. Hopefully we will know more about the change drive prize this week.

· The library’s book fair is this week! If you do not want your child to buy school trinkets please send in a note stating that they must buy a book. The late night is Tuesday!

· PBS Ring Pops on Wednesday for 3 BEAR BUCKS!!

· Walking Field Trip to the Fire Department Tues., October 26th...more info to come this week!

· $1.00 Pickle Fridays

· We have to turn in BOX TOPS this week for the first time this Friday. So if you have a baggy send them in soon.


Balloon Rockets

Our time with our air and weather SUMS kits is  over, but it means we will be getting a new unit soon.  Last week we got to the lesson with balloon rockets.  It is such a fun lesson that the students and I both enjoyed.    The students learned how compressed air can push an object forward.  It was also a windy day and the children learned that air resistance caused our balloon rockets to not travel as far as we predicted.



Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

This one is long over due…

We used our center rotations the week of Johnny Appleseed’s birthday to do some activities and crafts in honor of him.  It is fun to see the students relax for a bit to be creative and build class relationships. 

We tasted red apples, yellow apples, and green apples.  We graphed our data to see what was the most popular apple. 

 DSC_0415 DSC_0416 DSC_0417 DSC_0418  DSC_0422

The students were put in collaborative groups and had to collect and count the number of seed in their apple.  Each apple had a different amount of seeds making each apple unique.  I told the students they were like the apples each unique and special.


The students used apples cut different ways to make apple prints!    These were fun and colorful!

 DSC_0439 DSC_0440

They made Johnny Appleseed! 

DSC_0441 DSC_0442 DSC_0443 DSC_0444 DSC_0677

The students learned about the four seasons of an apple tree.  We sequenced a year of and apple tree.  We were so happy that the apples are most delicious in the fall when we celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. 


The children also were exposed to many non fiction literature on apples.  The student wrote apple facts to add to our apple tree!


We also made apple sauce for our apple party!  Mrs. Whitehurst stayed busy the night before cutting up delicious apples!



For the party the students made Johnny Appleseed’s famous hat a kitchen pot!  The student drew apple trees, Johnny Appleseed and the animals he loved so much! The students enjoyed homemade apple sauce, apple chips, dried apples, apple jacks, apples and caramel, apple pie, apple juice, cookies, with apple jam.  I think they got to try it all that afternoon at our apple tasting party.  To all the parent that were able to come…we hope you enjoyed your time in our class. 

DSC_0449 DSC_0450

This picture shows our family apple trees the students made with their handprints.  Each apple is a family member. 

DSC_0451 DSC_0452


I can’t believe this week has come and gone.  Before we know it the holidays will be here.  This year needs to slow down already :)



The SMART Board is up!!


The board is up and is now functioning.  It will be a learning process for the students and me as we integrate it into our day!  We are loving it already.


Monday Update…October 4th

· We are moving on to double s,f,l,z. Look for a phonics packet for you to use as a resource!


· Scholastic Book orders and PTO’s YANKEE CANDLE Orders are due Friday, October 15th. Yankee Candles make great Christmas gifts!

· The paper books for this reading unit have not come in yet from the Title I lab. I will send them home as soon as they arrive!

· Keep the sight word flash cards I send home and review past words. The students get reassessed on the words periodically.

· Walking Field Trip to the Fire Department the last week of October...more info to come!

· Fisheries Field Trip on Wednesday, November 10th (estimated cost $6) More info to come!

· $1.00 Pickle Fridays

· We have to turn in BOX TOPS next week for the first time. So if you have a baggy send them in soon.

JBES Website

I just realized I never posted last weeks update.  Sorry!  I have other things I want to post, but last week was a crazy one.  Hope I get back on a good routine of posting our class happenings this week!