I love a walking field trip!  The Williston community is so wonderful to open their doors to the JBES students.  On Tuesday we headed out to the Williston Fire Department!

pics 3 233pics 3 234 

The firefighters are so great with the children.  They wanted the students to understand what firefighters look like and will sound like if they were to have one saving them in a house fire.  The guy was such a great sport, putting all his gear on and then letting the child come up and check him out! 

2010-10-27 pics 3

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They also showed the children the thermal camera they use to see through smoke and find people in a fire.  He placed his hand on the door and you can see it the camera!

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The student then got the info on the water truck that holds 1,000 gallons of water and it can pump a huge amount when hooked up to a fire hydrant.  The students were able to walk thru the truck and check it all out!

pics 3 266pics 3 272  Then the real fun began!  They let each of the children come and run the water hose.  There little faces are priceless!

2010-10-27 pics 31

Then it really got interesting. Mrs. Inman and I were asked to put on the firefighter gear so that they could spray us!  I said what?  It was something I will never forget and neither will the children.

pics 3 366  

pics 3 370

Waiting patiently..unsure of what to expect!

pics 3 371

See your targets boys and girls!  HA!

pics 3 374

What a fun day!  The one thing I hope the students learned from this day was to talk to you about an emergency plan if there was a fire at your home.  I told the students they were THE MOST IMPORTANT thing ever and needed to have a plan to be safe!



  1. aw I love it--and hate that I missed it! Thankfully "dad" could go!!! We don't have a plan at all!!! Thank you for reminding us!

  2. so sad I missed it--glad Cecil was able to make it. We do not have a plan, thanks for reminding me!

  3. We had so much fun! You guys were great sports! Lasting memories for sure.