Monday Update….November 1

· Mrs. Whitehurst’s reading group is staying on the diagraphs th and ch. Mrs. Inman’s reading group is staying on the digraphs th and ch. Use the phonics packet that was added to your child’s HOME folder. There are words and sentences you can use to help your child practice reading and spelling these phonics skills.

· Behavior Passports: Students can only get two whole punches in order to participate in our Fun Friday activity.

· Each night Monday thru Thursday we are assigning a one minute timed reading of a story you will find in your child’s HOME folder.

    • These stories will build your child’s reading fluency. Fluency helps you to comprehend the text and build confidence in reading. Every Monday at school we’ll do a cold read (reading the passage for the first time) and record how many words correct they read in one minute. Each night the same passage will be in a sleeve in your child’s home folder. Please time your child’s progress each night on how many words were read correctly in 1 minute. On Friday your child will read the passage again at school (this will be the hot read) and you’ll be able to see the progress made throughout the week. The goal that is written at the bottom is based on how many words they read on Monday. Use the goal to motivate your children to read, because they always want to meet a goal.

· Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, let’s help families in our community have a dinner to be thankful for. One can of food and $1 will help a family. Food needed: canned corn, canned cranberry sauce, large can of sweet potatoes, large can of fruit cocktail, chicken broth, box of powdered milk

· We are collecting toilet paper rolls and washed out Dole or Del Monte fruit cups for holiday crafts. Please send them in until we have enough!

· $1.00 Pickle Fridays

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