K-9 Raven

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Detective Carlise and his K-9 Raven came to talk about fire safety.  After walking to the fire department he offered to come and talk to the students about his job and how K-9 Raven helps him investigate how fires start.  He spoke about how we should not play with fire and review some of the things we learned from the fire department.

    pics 4 111 pics 4 113  All the children got to pet K-9 Raven if they wanted to!

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We then went outside and Mr. Osteen helped out Detective Carlise put out training spot with a chemical that smelt like accelerant.  Then he and K-9 Raven when out to look for the “source” of the fire.  The students enjoyed seeing K-9 Raven at work!

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If you have noticed the children were in their costumes….we did this after the dance!  It was a crazy day of fun and learning! 

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  1. That was so nice of him! Glad the kids had a good time! Can't wait to see your post on the UF Fishery!!