Our Class Pumpkin

Last week we did a few pumpkin activities to celebrate Halloween.  We used our senses to explore and investigate our class pumpkin.  I thought this pumpkin had a pretty carving face!

pics 3 379

pics 3 380

We smelled it!  They thought it smelled like stinky garbage.

pics 3 383

They had to feel it!  Gross, slimy, slippery were some comments that I received.

pics 3 384

Can you hear the seeds?

pics 3 387 

pics 3 388pics 3 389

Recording their observations/data!

Then the serious question came up.  Do we carve it scary or happy?  The majority vote was scary sharp teeth.  

  pics 3 391

Our crooked scary smiling pumpkin!

pics 3 401

Happy to show off their pumpkin!

pics 3 400

Making scary faces with their pumpkin!

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  1. So Cute......So Busy Learning And Growing! Thank-You!!