Monday Update…October 11th

· We are staying on Double s,f,l,z. Look for a phonics packet that was added to your child’s HOME folder. There are words and sentences you can use to help your child practice reading and spelling these phonics skills.

· The papers in the plastic sleeves are not to be taken out or removed. The last plastic sleeve is the only sleeve things can be taken in and out of.

· Scholastic Book orders and PTO’s YANKEE CANDLE Orders are due this Friday, October 15th. Yankee Candles make great Christmas gifts!

· The school board did not find it cost effective to copy the paper books I send home! I plan on trying to copy one story but not both for each week. I will be working on that this week.

· SAC (6:00) and PTO (7:00) meeting this Tuesday. Please come because the class with the most parent attendance at PTO gets a special prize. Hopefully we will know more about the change drive prize this week.

· The library’s book fair is this week! If you do not want your child to buy school trinkets please send in a note stating that they must buy a book. The late night is Tuesday!

· PBS Ring Pops on Wednesday for 3 BEAR BUCKS!!

· Walking Field Trip to the Fire Department Tues., October 26th...more info to come this week!

· $1.00 Pickle Fridays

· We have to turn in BOX TOPS this week for the first time this Friday. So if you have a baggy send them in soon.


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  1. Mrs. W; I'm going to turn in our Yankee Candle form tonight at PTO/SAC.