Monday Update...September 12th

· Phonics- All short vowels (a,e,i,o,u) used in cvc words. CVC words means consonant, vowel, consonant words such as get, fun, hop, mat, bit.

· Today in your child’s folder is a family tree. We will be using it in a few weeks to make “family apple trees.” Please help your children write the names of their family in each box. Have them write the names they call them such as pop, daddy, nana, mommy, etc. Look for my example on the class website (I had to add 2 more boxes for my other set of grandparents) . Helping your child complete this family tree will be part of the social studies grade for the APPLE TREE!

Family tree

· SAC (6:00) and PTO (7:00) meetings...Tomorrow September 14th. Come out with me and Ms. Toledo!

· Look for information on the WOW Bag tomorrow in your child’s folder.

· THANKS to all that have grabbed giving gators at Meet the Teacher and Open House. You have gone above and beyond for our class! We are so thankful for all you do! Please send in your item if you grabbed a gator when you can.

· The PTO Coin Drive has begun; send in your loose change! We want to win! Our class has to be the heaviest!

· WEDNESDAY is an early release day (12:10) and the students will learn about bus safety!

· SCHOLASTIC book orders are due this Friday September 16th

· Check your food for box tops.

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