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We have been getting the hang of our math journals in the morning!  They love to come up to the ELMO and show their work! We have been tricking them with quick images each day.  Tomorrow they will learn about ten frame quick images!

We also had our good fit lesson this week.  They love it.  I bring in a whole slew of shoes from from Mr. Adam and I’s collection.  We talk about how shoes has certain purposes such as a cowboy boot is for working cows and a flip flop is for the beach, etc.  They we talk about interest and I tell them that I am not interested in playing basketball so I would not buy a basketball shoes and so forth.  Then I start putting on Mr. Adam’s shoes and my shoes and we talk about how it is hard to walk in shoes that are to big and that I could fall down.  Then I put on my shoes that are just right and show them I can walk without anyone's help.  So if we find a “good fit” book we can read independently with no ones help.


So now with this understanding we sat one on one with the students to pick good fit books.  It was hard for them at first to understand that even though we want to read the book sometimes they are too hard for them to read now and that in a few weeks when we know more about reading we can try again.  Almost everyone has had a chance to pick good fit books.  In this picture Ms. Toledo and our afternoon aide Mr. Osteen are working with students to pick out books. 


We also learned how to listen to reading this week.  They are also loving the cool graphic organizers they fill out after.  P1010741

The student also were introduce to Annie and Moby from Brainpop Jr.  Brainpop Jr. is a sight with short 5 minute video on a subject and then has interactive games and quizzes the students can manipulate.  We watch the choosing books video on Tuesday and today we watching observing with science tools during science.  The student had a blast matching the different investigating tools such as balance, ruler, hand lenses, thermometer, etc. P1010748P1010747P1010745P1010746

Loving these little ones!

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