A Monday Update a Day Late

What an amazing week we had last week. Our class is moving smoothly into a daily routine, where learning is our main goal!

· This Tuesday we will have an aid in our class while Ms. Rosa and I have our FAIR (Florida Assessment in Reading Instruction) assessment day. This allows us to tests the students one on one in a quiet setting. Please make sure they go to bed early on Monday and get a good breakfast on Tuesday morning.

· Check the calendar on the back of the home folder to see if they had an “opps”. Please initial next to the “opps” if they did. Thanks for your support in helping keep our classroom behavior a priority.

· ME BAGS are due tomorrow and they are the first social studies grade. Please help your child put theirs together and send in tomorrow. Include a photo of family, item representing hobby, favorite book, and any other item that is special.

· If you have not done so please send in $5 for our first grade T-shirt and a spare set of clothes in a Ziploc baggie (which will be returned at the end of the year).

· Remember Tuesday and Wednesday is PE; please wear tennis shoes. Closed toed shoes with backs must be worn every day! Students may get to check out library books at Media today. Get excited and use the recall hand to assess their comprehension!

· On Friday their sight words week 2 will be assessed. Remember they do not get a grade each week, but I do highlight the words they KNOW in their HOME folder. They need to be able to look at the words and read it within 4 seconds. There will be a point when we work on spelling some of the most common ones but right now I want the students to focus on reading them.

· We are continuing reviewing letter sounds and learning the routines of the new phonics program this week. I do not think there will be a dictation on Friday.

· Check your food for box tops. J If you need me to resend the sheet with the products let me know.

· NO SCHOOL next MONDAY, September 5th

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