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We have our word families up and we plan on adding many more words this week.  We added the ick and ack word family on friday since we introduced ck this week to the students. 


The phonics program we are using this year is called Wilson Fundations.  These are the sounds cards that go with each letter.  When we echo letters this is what we say for a…a, apple, /a/.  /a/ denotes the sounds ahh.  We need to add out digraphs to the bottom of the alphabet but we are running out of room.


We have been building our read to self stamina.  Our stamina goal is 20 minutes of uninterrupted reading.  We are at about 15 minutes right now.  They love building their stamina.


The WOW bag has been a huge hit in our room.  Each week we have beenhaving students use the sight words and vocabulary words in sentences.  They are using them at home and bringing in their work.  They are finding sight words in the stories they are reading.  I can’t wait until they find the first vocabulary words. P1010799

Here are all our vcocabulary words thus far.  We keep adding each week!P1010798

We learned two new SUMS math games this week.  Here the students are playing double compare.  They both pick two cards.  They have to add them to see which player has the bigger number.  You could play this game at home with a deck of playing cards.  They also learned five in a row which they loved.  They have a number cube, a dot cube, counters, and a game board.  They take turns rolling the cubes and adding them up.  They then work together to get five counters in a row on their board. 


Over the last 2 weeks we have begun free journaling in their reading notebook.  The stories are great and we have some authors in our class this year.  I always read them and write note back to them which they love to read the next time they free journal.


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