Monday Update…October 10th

· Phonics- Red/Yellow/Green - Continue digraphs: wh, sh, ch, th, ck ex. bath, chip, shop, back, whip. Digraphs stick together to form one sound. Blue- Double s,l,f and sometimes z. At the end of a one syllable short vowel word you double the s,l,f and sometimes z. Ex. fuss, tell, cuff, buzz

· WOW Bag Vocabulary winner,….!! Keep using those vocabulary words and sight words each week. Reviewing all vocabulary words this week and working on context clues

· We are in need of teddy grahams, animal crackers, or gold fish. The students receive one after they do Great Leaps, a fluency program with our class aid and peer counselor! Also could anyone donate a pumpkin for Halloween when we do a 5 Senses science activity?

· Please go ahead and turn in your child’s field trip forms completed even if you don’t turn the money in right now.

· SAC (6:00) and PTO (7:00) meeting this Tuesday.

· Scholastic Book orders are due Friday, October 21st.

· Keep selling PTO’s YANKEE CANDLE this month! Candles make great Christmas gifts!

· Check your food for box tops.  We are getting ready to send in our box tops!

· $1.00 Pickle Fridays


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  1. This looks great Mrs. Whitehurst! I enjoyed catching up this morning on Kinleys activities. I'll defintely be checking in going forward. Thanks!