A week Recap

In math we are learning all the different ways to make 10 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,  and 9.  The number sentences they have come up with are endless.  We are going to have many anchor charts up with their number sentences!  Students learned how to play roll and record this week.  The materials they use are 2 dot cubes (dice), a dry erase marker, and a record sheet in a plastic sleeves for ability to reuse.  They roll the dot cubes put the bigger number in their head and count on from that.  For example if I rolled a 5 and a 3.  I would put 5 in my head and literally tap my head then either count the three dots (6,7,8) or count three fingers (6,7,8). Then the student record their answer or sum on their record sheet.  It is set up like a graph so after they can make observations about their data. 


In music Mrs. Austin has them preparing for their PTO Program in November.  The students added the song lyrics booklets to their green BOOK bags on Friday and are in love.  They are singing the lyrics during read to self but there are following along and building that reading fluency.  It is pure sweetness!

Our comprehension focus  right now as stated on out newsletters is main idea.  After we do a read aloud in our classroom we ask the students what do you think this story is mostly about?  (Main Idea)  They began with retelling and now they are beginning to understand what main idea means.  Try it at home with your kiddos!  They also love to tell about the characters the setting and the many details that help support the main idea!

The students are loving the wow bag.  They are using the vocabulary words in their sentences and in their conversation now.  We are taking this upcoming week to review past words and begin a unit on context clues.  Context Clues will help student determine the meaning of words on their own by using pictures and words in the sentences. 

The students are loving the phonics program WILSON and it is working.  Students are growing more than I have ever seen students grow before.  They are tapping to spell and tapping to read.  We are finishing up our last week on digraphs (sh,th,ch,wh,ck).  In addition to WILSON we are using a program called the phonics dance with the children.  I love to move and dance and be loud as much as the students do!  The phonics dance introduces words chunks such as ch, th, sh, ow, ou, ing.  Each chuck has a dance or a jingle that goes along with them.  I can’t put the jingles on here due to copyright but ask them to do the chicken cha cha!

We are using a program called Four Square Writing this year which will guide them into Writers in Control which is used in second grade. 

  • At first we began with picture sorts.  The students had to use the focus statement (yellow) in the middle of the squares to determine which pictures fit in the four squares.  They did 2 of these independently with many done altogether on the easiteach software.   
  • Then we moved to the student illustrating the four squares that went with the focus statement in the middle.  We also had them add a word identifying the illustration.
  • Now we have been adding our conclusion to the last square.  They can choose a feeling statement (the heart), a thinking statement (the light bulb), or the best things (the B.T.).   _______makes me feel _______.   I think _____ are _______.   The Best things about  ________  is _______.
  • This week we are going to transition into changing the focus statement in to an actual sentence and not just a word. 

The students did a four square on Thursday about zoo animals which were out of th0si world fantastic.  Many of the children choose to write sentences instead of words.  They will be gracing our hallways next week.  The students had the opportunity to sit around and read theirs to their class.  The students classmates were a bit squirrelly at times but gave awesome compliments, such as, what a great illustration, or that is a good reason to pick that animal.   It was such a neat teaching moment.  As they read they realized where they forgot periods or a capital and look at Ms. Toledo and I and said next time they would check closer…ha!  I love what I do!  P1010833P1010832

I will tell about our tall tales unit next week when I can gather a few more pictures.   We have many John Henry’s and Pecos Bills around these days!

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