Monday update…October 24th

· Phonics- Red/Yellow/Green/Blue- Double s,l,f and sometimes z. At the end of a one syllable short vowel word you double the s,l,f and sometimes z. Ex. fuss, tell, cuff, buzz

· WOW Bag Vocabulary winner, --------!! Keep using those vocabulary words and sight words each week. Use context clues when you read This week’s words: survive, wade, rare, powerful, habitat

· Thursday is early release at 12:10. It is also our Character dance which will be at 9:55. We will be doing different Halloween type activities. If your child is wanting to bring in Halloween candy to swap with friends please send in Thursday.


· Thanks to the ---------family for donating our class pumpkin!

· Please go ahead and turn in your child’s field trip forms completed even if you don’t turn the money in right now. The first $25.00 dollars is due Friday, November 4th. Remember that the chaperone cost is $54.00

· Scholastic books have been order and should be here soon!

· BOOK IT forms are due on Monday, October 31st. Please make sure you and your child have signed it.

· YEARBOOK and YANKEE CANDLE Orders are due next Monday, October 31st!

· Our class is collecting canned food and a dollar to help support a family this thanksgiving. We have 5 cans and $5.oo already! Thanks for supporting this great cause the student love to be caring and sharing.

· Check your food for box tops.

· $1.00 Pickle Fridays


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