Tall Tales, Trees, and a Gift Card

Here is our anchor chart about tall tales.  Boy have these kiddos loved tall tales.  We covered John Henry, Pecos Bill, and Paul Bunyan. 


After reading John Henry the children made sledge hammers! P1010886P1010885

This picture cracks me up! There was a song in the story that had the ring ring of John Henry’s sledgehammers.  So after their sledgehammers were done I sang the song and the student went ring ring with their sledgehammers!


We read Pecos Bill two days later and learned how he invented the lasso so we lassoed up us some steer of our own! P1010893

Today we finished up our last tall tale we didn’t have time to get to last week.  Paul Bunyan the strong logger ever know!  He was also enormous in size compared to all the normal folk.  Check out how small the normal people are compared to Paul Bunyan!  These loved Paul’s story because it had the most exaggerated details and boy do they love to use that word exaggerated even if they butcher it everytime.  I just love teaching these little guys! P1010898P1010899

Along the bottom of the wall is our apple orchard.  Our apple trees are filled with apples from our family trees!  They turned out so cute!


I got this gift card from a family in our class and I finally decided on the books it would buy for our classroom! They shipped today and should be here soon. 



We barrowed Baloney from another teacher but our class needs to have one for further reference.  He has helped us learn all about context clues this week! The other three will help with our Daily 5 Centers and picking good fit books which continues to be a struggle because they always want to read the hardest book in the library.

dexbest bookgoldi

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