Last Wednesday we began our hands on part of the plant unit.  The students have a lot of background knowledge of plants, their parts, and the purpose of those parts.  Now is the time they get to see it in action.  I am so excited for this unit because they become observers and recorders as they see right before their eyes how quickly things grow and change. 

We planted a rapid growing plant called Brassica.  They will get to see the plant grow from a sprout, to a plant with a flower, to a plant that produces fruit.  They will then see that the fruit has seeds inside and they can continue the process again with the new seeds. 


On Friday when I came in we had 3 sprouts coming up!  Before I left for the weekend I snapped a picture and there were 5 or 6 sprouts now.  They are going to see a lot of changes this week!


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  1. Oh yes...Mr. Nolan was SO excited that HIS plant had a sprout!!!!