A Mid Week Catch Up


We celebrated a birthday last week…President George Washington's that is.  We had been reading stories about our presidents the week prior in celebration of President's Day, one of them being “George Washington's Breakfast.”  It was about a little boy who was named after George Washington and wanted to know everything to know about him, even what he ate for breakfast.  Mrs. Inman had the idea of cooking Indian hoecakes and drinking some fresh brewed sweet tea which is what he ate.  I tackled the tea while Mrs. Inman was coking away.  The students watched a store video about George Washington while we served them and help me put different events from his life in sequential order. Most agreed Indian hoe cakes and sweet tea was a tasty breakfast!



We are just loving our smart board and the students are really getting the hang of how to use it.  Here is a student using it during our math calendar/review time.  She is use the dice to create a fact family.  They know the communicative property (swippy swap) and inverse operations.


On a more depressing note.  The students have mangle almost all our class headphones.  The cushion is off on almost all of them so I had to bite the bullet and order new ones for the computers and CD players.  They were so excited to try them out today.  


Will try to catch up on more when I have time to sit at the computer again Smile .

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  1. What a creative idea for the breakfast! Wonder what you'll do today for Dr. Seuss' birthday? I can't wait to hear about it!!!