Meet Cowgirl Cleaner!  She cleans up this students room and she used many recyclable items such as boxes, straws, and toilet paper rolls. P1000421
Meet Sargent!  He protects you from the darkness (see his flashlights, which turned on) and he was resourceful by using toilet paper rolls, tuna cans, and boxes. We turned out the lights after his presentation to check out his lights. 
Meet Rain!  She can do anything and she made her robot with an air freshener, foil, and straws.
Meet Tim (Wall-E’s Brother)!  Tim shoots baseballs to this student so that his dad doesn’t always have to help him.  We were told though he only shoots to this student because if his big brother comes around Tim starts shooting the baseballs at him...haha.  What imaginations?  Tim was made out of many recyclable things: a remote controlled car base, a hot chocolate box, an apple juice bottle, and toilet paper rolls.
Meet Guardian!  He helps this students mom clean the house, does his homework, and makes him any candy he wants.  Guardian had candy inside of him! The student used toilet paper roll, plug protectors as teeth, and ear pickers AKA Q-tips.
Meet Zoom! He is the fastest skier Colorado has ever seen.  If this student was to ski with Zoom he said he would have to wear a jet pack to keep up with him.  Zoom can skate too! The resources he used were a milk jug, spray paint, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and a sprite bottle. 
Meet Mud digger!  He can transform into a monster truck and get muddy.  He used cans and his dad helped him weld the pieces together.
Meet Toe!  He plays the PSP with this student.  Another student offered another idea for Toe, since he has cables as arms and legs he could fix your TV!  Thought that was a good suggestion.  I love how they listened to each other’s presentations.  This student used boxes and old TV cables to create his robot. 
Meet Tobor!  Tobor would do this students homework.  Is the homework that bad?  The student used tooth paste boxes, light bulbs, wheels and a Cheetos ball container to make his robot.  We went out in the hallway and he rolled his robot for everyone to see. 
Meet Kylan!  Her robot will play with her when ever she needs a playmate.  She was made with newspaper and an old air freshener. 
Meet Buster!  He will do this students math homework!  This student created his robot using these recyclable materials: cans, toilet paper, and various food boxes.  I love how he has a heart!
Meet Firebot!  He creates fire for when it is cold out.  I thought this was such an interesting concept because I figured he would put fires out.  This student was resourceful in using cans, a shoe box, an apple juice bottle, and paint. 
The students created spectacular robots thanks to the help of their amazing parents!  The student enjoyed presenting to their peers.  After they introduced their robot and told us what it could do and what it was made out of we opened the floor for questions and compliments.  They had such great thought provoking questions and sweet compliments for their classmates.  I am so proud of them.  The robots have been displayed in our school media center for all the teachers and students to see.  The students have gotten so many compliments from their school!  


  1. what GREAT imaginations!! Those robots were awesome!! your whole class did GREAT!!!

  2. Wow, I am really impressed! The kids did such an amazing job!