What is this restaurant business?

Today I was out with a stomach bug and oh how I missed those little guys terribly.  I plan on being back tomorrow because I am beginning to feel much better with my prescription. 

So I know we sent home a letter explaining the restaurant but it does little to explain how great this restaurant really is.  This week we will cover the concepts of needs, wants, good, services, jobs, and the Mexican culture.  We want the students to understand that food is a need and we are going to provide a service to families that have the ability to eat out at a restaurant. 

Next week we will continue to learn about Mexican culture as well as jobs people have in a restaurant, and what we need to open a restaurant. We will get to tour Angelina Mia’s a local restaurant.  They are exceptional with the children explaining their jobs to help make sure their restaurant will run smoothly.  A new addition to the restaurant unit is our trip to Publix.  I have never been so I am excited to see what we will learn and use to expand their knowledge about providing a service for our community.  Job applications will go home and be due back the following Monday after Easter. 

The week after Easter we will be holding interviews for jobs, picking our restaurant name, sending home invitations/reservation requests, and design our place mats and restaurant decorations.

The week of the restaurant we will be rolling silverware, practicing our jobs, setting up the room, and then we will open our doors on Friday May 6th.  When you come at your reservation time you will be greeted by our two hostess’s.  They will seat you at one of our four tables.  You will have someone come and deliver an appetizer of chips and salsa.  Then your drink waiter will come and take your drink order.  The drink waiter will then bring your order to the drink person who will prepare the drinks for the table.  Then your waiter will come and take your order who will then put the order into the kitchen where the cook will assemble your lunch.  After you eat a busser will come and bus your table while you go and play for your lunch at the checkout table with one of our cashiers. 

Are you starting to get the picture because I can’t wait until you can see it all come to life. You will be so proud of these little guys.  So get excited! 

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  1. i am SOOO excited!!!! I can't wait--and I have the Diet Coke to send in!