Ketchup for Week of October 17th

We learned how to use number lines.  We hopped those poor frogs to death that day!


We continued to discuss main ideas and details! P1010980

We crowned a few context clues rock stars! Students got to wear the glasses if they used context clues to determine the meaning of the unknown words! P1010938P1010937

We reviewed sight words and did a cloze sentences activity.  A cloze sentences is a sentences with a blank in it.  The students cut out the words from the word bank and plug them into the correct sentences prior to gluing them down. P1010940P1010941P1010939

We met NICK NOUN!  He helps us remember that people, places, or things

are nouns! He has 2 dogs which makes the word dog plural.  We have been talking about the exceptional ES last week and this week. P1010979P1010981

During centers the students are loving WILSON phonics.  They are marking bonus letters and boxing glued letters!


In art they made masks in celebration of this spooktakular holiday! They are too cute! P1010949P1010950

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