Character Dress Up Day

We had many book characters jump right out of their books and straight into the halls of JBE October 27th! Buzz and Woody came to teach for the day! We began our morning with a fire themed read aloud and mini lesson on fire safety.


We had a few minutes before we had some special visitors to snap a few pictures of our book characters!


Our visitors were from the Williston fire department. They talked with the students about a home escape plan.  You need to have a meeting place outside the house, and to exits for each room if there is a fire.  The students looved seeing the fireman dressed up.  They do this to show the children that they are not scary and if one has to come into your home to please not hide from them.


After the short inside presentation we headed out to the fire truck.  We got a tour of the fire truck and the student even got to walk through the middle and check out the inside.  After the tour they used the jaws of life and the pry bar machine to bend and cut up an old metal ladder which was awesome for the student to see and experience.


After we headed back to the classroom for some candy corn math.  The student each received a baggie of candy corn which they had to sort, count, and graph.  Then they used their data to do different math addition problems.  DSC_0104DSC_0105DSC_0110DSC_0107

A parent made these delicious cake pops which were pumpkins.  It was the perfect snack to eat on the go as we walked to get our dance on at the cafeteria. 


When we arrived.  Ms. Drew and Mrs. Gant were showing the students the dos and don’ts of the dance.  After a few ground rules the dancing began and lasted until they were told to line up!


This day was so much fun and the students benefit from days like this when they can act like children and see their teachers have fun with them in a silly atmosphere!

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