Our class will be use 1-2-3 Magic for Teachers this year.  I have so enjoyed reading this book over the summer and I am ready to get started utilizing it with my students this year.

If students are following our classroom expectations they will be able to earn sticks to shop on Friday in the school store.  If students are not following the rules they will receive a count of 1, then a 2, and then a 3.  Each time they receive a count they have to move their star to the appropriate number on the board.  When they reach 3 they will take a 5 minute time out or may receive a stick fine. 

We will be using the class calendar which is located on the back sleeve of the home folder to document behavior in our classroom.  If your child follows the rules they will have a stamp on their calendar.  If your child receives a count of 3 a three will be written in the calendar.  It will need to be initialed that night by the parent/guardian or they will miss out on recess the next day.   

PBS (Positive Behavior Support):
This year each class will have a lanyard.  Non-instructional staff will be awarding charms this year for whole class behavior and individual behavior.  When a charm is earned it is added to the class lanyard and when we collect 20 charms we get to roll a dice.  The numbers on the dice represent different incentives.  Those incentives may be determined by administration, the teacher, and students.  Students can still earn ABC BUCKs and when 20 have been earned by the class a charm will be added to the PBS lanyard.  

** changed from what was sent home today. 

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