The Last Day

Here is the final post for the 2010-2011 school year.  It was a great, fantastic, epic year and it was all because of your amazing children!  It’s sad to know that it is over but at least I will get to see their smiling faces in the 2nd grade hallway next year! 


The tables were all set when they came in, so they sat together and read educational magazines while I got to cooking. 


Here was my chef set up...haha!


Here the kiddos are digging in!  They came back for seconds and thirds, which makes me think they enjoyed it . 



After breakfast I cleaned up the tables and got ready for our awards the students whooped and hollered for their friends, clapped and high fives them as they ran around with their award.  They laughed and had so much fun being silly all together for the last time.


We then passed out yearbooks and took time walking around and getting them signed. The student went back and forth between Mrs. Inman and I’s class to see their friends.  Then we watched A Bug’s life on our new video set up were the sound comes through the speakers in the ceiling.  They thought that was way cool.  We snacked on juice and popcorn!  After lunch we spent the rest of the time on the floor playing board games until it was time to go.  Here are pictures of that.  Please be warned they are blurry, because the girls went around and snapped pictures while I played a mad game of TWISTER!!


I always take one last photo before dismissal that I cherish because it my last memory of them before they are not mine anymore.  I am tearing up just looking at these gorgeous, smart, and talented children..  Great things will come from these children!  P1010008

Well maybe….haha!


2010-2011 is a wrap!

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  1. thank you for being such a wonderful, caring teacher. nolan had a BLAST in your class this year. We are eternally grateful for your love and guidance through First Grade!