What’s in store for next week?

FAIR Testing….We begin administering the Florida Assessment of Instruction in Reading.  This assessment will help Mrs. Inman and I put together our reading groups.  FAIR assesses the students ability to decode words accurately and fluently (smoothly yet quickly) while still understanding what they read by answering right there questions and questions that require inferring.  We will be assessing the students vocabulary as well during this first assessment window.  Some students will have further testing to see what we should be targeting during our small group time.  I am using our center time and our direct instruction writing time to administer the assessment.  All other instruction should remain intact.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Remember Me Bag’s are due Monday if your child has not brought one in.  The items to be included are below. 

1. a family picture

2. an item to represent your child’s favorite hobby

3. your child’s favorite book

4. any other interesting item that your child would like to share.


OPEN HOUSE is Thursday at 6:30 PM in our classroom.  Attending is extremely important because it the one time I can explain things and it gives you all the chance to ask your burning questions about the school year. 

Friday will be the first official dictation assessment with short a and e cvc words.

EX. fat, jet, sad, hen

I am sure I am forgetting something it has been an exciting but tiresome week.  Have a safe and fun weekend with your families!

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