Sweet Faces and Reading Centers


The class of 2010-2011 is the best class yet! I am loving their sweet faces!  This week the students participated in reading centers.  We had a writing center where they could color a picture then write a sentence about it.  Many student wrote about their families.  This first week back is rough for the students when they are use to spending their days with siblings and parents over the summer.  Another center was reading on the circle time rug.  The students enjoyed checking out some of the book bins we have in our class library.  They used letter presses and play dough to spell out words. The students were excited to show me their names stamped out. They will be excited to know I got another set of letters this weekend while down in Tampa visiting my family.    They also enjoyed a computer rotation on STARFALL.  Soon the students will be using the Earobics program, but students names are still be imputed and moved around from last years classes.  I enjoy these first few days when the students are meeting their new classmates and beginning to form friendships.


Writing Sentences!!


Reading GOOD books!


Making Words!


Enjoying Starfall!

Looking forward to this week and learning more about your little one and how they learn!

Check out the post below with this weeks happenings :)


  1. Thanks for sharing with us. I love hearing the stories that Trey comes home with. He is loving 1st grade!

  2. WE are loving your class! Thanks for being a wonderful teacher!