5 Senses- Odors or Aromas

We have been covering the five senses in science which has been a blast for children. We first did an m and m activity where they used their 5 senses to describe it. Yesterday we began our five senses book and they enjoyed it. The book has many text features In it which is what our comprehension skill is right now. There were headings and labels and the kids could have not been more excited. For sight they each put on a blind fold to experience how it felt to not have sight and they used magnifying glasses to experience how reading glasses work. The sense of hearing was a bit more laid back. We discussed what the different sounds we hear mean such as a fire alarm, the door bell, or our class chime. They also picked out tools to protect your ears out of an assortment of materials. My favorite was the sense of smell. I prepared bags with cotton swabs soaked in various materials. The students had to open the bag and take a whiff to determine if it was an aroma or an odor. The learning and excitement was contagious and the laughter was music to my soul. I love these kids and I feel like they are so enjoying their year thus far. I plan on catching you up and being better about posting. The beginning of the year if always tough for me to find my grove. :)

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