Air, Ballet, and a Coin Drive

What a fun few days we have had this week!  I just love my kiddos!  They make me laugh, love, and think all the time.  We got started on our Air and Weather SUMS kit.  We began the unit today with our air bags.  In there bag they had a feather, a flexible straw, and small Styrofoam ball, a balloon, and a cotton ball.  I took all the items out of a sample bag and ask the children if there was anything else in the bag.   They looked at me like I was crazy until I had one brave soul say, “Oh I know…AIR!!!!”   To see their minds work right before me is so neat.  Here are pictures of the children exploring air with the items in their air bag.  I loved every second of it until they discovered the squeaking noise with their balloon.  DSC_0191

Air takes up space! You can feel air, but you can’t see it.  DSC_0161

Air makes objects move. DSC_0168

Air makes objects float. DSC_0173

Air bag materials. DSC_0176

Trying to make a feather fly. DSC_0181

Moving that Styrofoam ball with air.  DSC_0186 When you suck in air you can hold objects in place. 

After a morning of science we had to take a break for some Fun Friday fun.  Students that had 3 or less whole punches got to participate.  Mrs. Inman and I gave the students options…they could play kick ball with me or stay in for some fun free centers in Mrs. Inman’s room.  I took my camera out to get pictures of the kick ball game, but I was the pitcher and completely enthralled in the game until we had to go hydrate.  When done playing we headed in to get water and lay down on the rug to cool our bodies off.  I turned on my Enya CD so they could cool of and relax for a few moments, but the student had other plans.  Ballet was in there future!   


I have the silliest kiddos and I love them to death!



After Fun Friday we completed a few math activities and began another science investigation.  We used the outside picnic tables for this one since it called for basins of water.  The object was to use the vial and the Styrofoam balls to discover more things about air to share when we had our discussion. 

 DSC_0209 DSC_0212

You can trap air underwater.  Bubble are what air looks like under water.DSC_0216


The students job this weekend was to show you what they learned today about air using the bath tub or a sink. 

We are getting somewhere with our coin drive but we have a ways to go!!  If our jar is the heaviest I do believe we will get a pizza party. 

 DSC_0219 DSC_0220

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  1. I just now saw this one Mrs. W....what a FUN way to learn Science!